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Billing Information

There are 2 fees; 1) The Procedure fee and 2) The Facility fee (theatre/accommodation charges)

    1. The Procedure fee used at Bondi Junction Endoscopy Centre is the fee set by the government for the test you are having, Medicare refunds 75%.

For patients with a Health Care or Pension Card this fee is Bulk-billed.

    1. The Facility fee will vary according to a number of factors. The amount will be fully discussed with you.

For patients with private health insurance we have Preferred Provider Agreements with the all of the Health Funds and we also participate in their ‘No Gap Cover’ scheme, hence the fund can be billed on your behalf.

Some patients with differing levels of private health cover or who have an Excess with their policy may incur part of the fee. Patients should check their level of cover and any Excess with their health fund or with our office staff will do so and phone you back.

Other Considerations

    • Our anaesthetists will accept the Medicare/Health Fund rebate as full payment of their anaesthetic service.
    • Pathology services for biopsy specimens taken at Endoscopy are usually Bulk-billed by the pathology lab.
    • Pensioners, unemployed and disadvantaged patients will not be denied access to health services due to cost and are advised to discuss this matter with our staff.
    • You have the option of paying on the day by cash, credit card (excluding American Express and Dinner Club) or Eftpos. Cheques are not accepted.

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