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The Centre

The Bondi Junction Endoscopy Centre was established in 1982 and was one of the first centres to offer an alternative to endoscopic procedures in public hospitals.

It is an Accredited Private Hospital for day procedures, but the setting is unique as it is situated in an elegantly restored Victorian terrace. The ambience is friendly and personal and our patients tell us that the non clinical setting makes the experience relaxed and pleasant.

We specialize in the diagnosis, investigation and management of gastrointestinal and liver diseases, including Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and removal of Polyps, dilatation of Oesophageal Strictures and Sigmoidoscopy for Ano-Rectal conditions. We offer treatment of Hepatitis B and C with anti-viral agents.

Direct bookings can be made for Upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy however patients requiring prior assessment and explanation or with important co-existing medical conditions should have a consultation some days prior to the test.