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Procedure Day Check List

We are located at: 56 GROSVENOR STREET, WOOLLAHRA NSW 2025

TELEPHONE: 02 9387 1738

Ensure you have read the instructions for Endoscopy or Colonoscopy Upper Endoscopy Info and Colonoscopy Info and Colonoscopy preparation instruction

For Upper Endoscopy nothing to eat for 6 hours and no water for 4 hours before the test.

For Colonoscopy start the bowel preparation 3 days before the test and drink plenty of clear fluids to avoid dehydration. You can drink water up to 4 hours before the test.

You may take important medications with a small sip of water 4 hours before the test

  • Bring your doctor’s referral
  • Bring your Medicare/Healthcare/Pension/Veterans Affair cards
  • Bring your Private Health Fund details if applicable
  • Bring the 2 admission forms filled out.
  • No driving until the day after the test
  • Ask someone to accompany you home or you will not have your procedure.
  • Wear loose clothing eg.tracksuit pants
  • Do not wear nail polish
  • Do not bring valuables including jewellery with you
  • Bring reading material
  • You may return to work the following day

48 hours before your appointment phone 9387 1738 to confirm that you are coming or a cancellation fee may apply.