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Dr Clinton Ng

Dr Clinton Ng graduated from the University of Melbourne in the 1990s and completed his Specialist Degree in Gastroenterology at Royal North Shore Hospital. He was granted a PhD from the University of Sydney in 2001 in the area of gastrointestinal motility focusing on irritable bowel syndrome.

His areas of interest include the management of irritable bowel disease and functional gastrointestinal conditions, bowel cancer screening, Pillcam endoscopy for anaemia and suspected small bowel Crohn’s disease, management of refractory reflux disease, inflammatory bowel disease and management of chronic hepatitis B and C.

Clinton has published extensively, is involved in research and recruiting for various gastroenterology/hepatology research trials.

Outside of Medicine Clinton has a passion for the arts and is a benefactor of numerous art museums in Australia.

Clinton also consults at Suite 15, 193 Macquarie Street Sydney, telephone 02 9223 1114.